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Having trimmed your overheads as far as possible,changed your window display and advertised in the local paper, what else can you do to improve your share of the market?

Given the current economic circumstances you are probably working harder than ever, just to maintain the same level of turnover as last year! It’s been a very difficult period for all independent retailers but there are
a small percentage of high street shops whose turnover has increased and profits have improved?

How can that be?

Well, the most successful independent retailers have learned from the supermarkets and national chain stores, how to sell high margin, gold products*and as a consequence they have strengthened their cash-flow and improved their profitability! They know that supermarkets have turned retailing into a science; it’s called ‘Precision Retailing’. It monitors footfall, average sale price, sales conversion rates, margin per shelf inch, shopper density and shopper penetration.

If a supermarket has 30,000 gold products and the average shopper only chooses from their selection of 150 products, how does that affect you?

‘Precision Retailing’ can help you increase your share of the market just as effectively as the supermarkets. Initially, by making small changes
to the three most important areas in retailing you can make considerable increases to your annual takings. Advanced Marketing Solutions can
help you implement simple systems that will assist in strengthening your cash-flow and improving your profitability, month after month and year after year.

If you are serious about developing your business contact Advanced Marketing Solutions today and let’s make a difference together.

*gold products have a high margin and a short shelf life