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If you are allowing your practice to grow organically and occasionally advertising in the local paper there will come a point where the rate
of attrition equals all new business and growth ceases.  What else can
you do to increase your client base and achieve your desired share of
the market?

In the current economic circumstances a proportion of your client
base will be actively looking to reduce their annual bill for professional
services so you will need to put systems in place that help you hold on
to your existing clients.  You will need to examine how often you contact your client base, how you contact them, how you can add value to your
service, how you can be more proactive and how you can be more timely.

Following on you will need to set sales targets and create a marketing plan to ensure that you achieve your targets. Let Advanced Marketing Solutions help you put a plan together to help you keep your existing
client base and grow your practice.

If you are serious about developing your practice contact Advanced Marketing Solutions today and let’s make a difference together.